Timing belts are now on more vehicles than ever. This is due to new engine designs for reducing emission thus requiring cams to be placed in the head which is easier to manufacture and cheaper to build, this is also the reason belts are installed.... its cheaper for the manufacture.

Many engines are what they call "non interference". This means that if the timing belt were to break while running, the only problem would a stranded motorist with a wrecker bill and belt replacement cost. The engines that are "interference" pose a whole different set of problems!  Those engines are very expensive to repair,the heads will have to be removed and valves would have to be replaced at a minimum. There are some engine that would be totally destroyed if this were to happen. 

The price for belt replacement vary between model and even years for the same manufacturer, parts including tensioners, pulleys, water pumps, and seals need to be replaced for a cost effective repair. It's cheaper to replace when its apart than to replace items one at a time later down the road. Mike will be glad to quote a price for your specific vehicle, just give him a call. Please have year, make, model, and engine size for a more exact price.  Example" 2010 Honda Accord with a 3.0 V6 engine". If you are not able to provide this, just have your license plate numbers, Mike can get the information from those.