It is often recommended that you change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles to help keep your car running at peak performance, but advancements in computerized engine management systems have made some engine oil change intervals go upwards of 10,000 miles or more! Tell Mike about your driving habits and together we can come up with an interval that fits your driving habits.


At MIKE'S AUTO & TRUCK SERVICE LLC we use only the oils which are required by vehicle manufacturers or better which protects your engine and enhances your car’s performance. Synthetic oil is resistant to heat and viscosity breakdown. We also have high mileage oil which helps to keep older vehicles running smoothly and longer.  We have many brands of oils to chose from, our "house" brand is Pennzoil, but we offer Havoline, Castrol, Valvoline, Shell Rotella, Mobil One, and Napa quality brands.

In addition to changing the oil in your vehicle, our expert technicians can take care of your vehicles underside such as checking all tires, including pressure, thread depth, and irregular wear, suspension components exhaust system, fuel tank and lines, brakes and components visible without tire removal, drive axles, and fluids that are associated with systems underneath the vehicle. If there are any items that require immediate attention, you will be contacted before any repairs are made with an approximate cost of the repairs.