MIKE'S AUTO AND TRUCK SERVICE LLC first opened its doors to the public on July 1, 2013, but it's history came about while working in the automotive repair field for the past 30 years. I saw the need for a more personal edge to earn our customer's trust and to give a hands on perspective to the new technology that was injected into every part of the new automobiles that were coming to us from all over the world.

We all know computers have now evolved to the point where we can have the same processing power in our cell phone that was in the first manned space flight and like it or not, computers are here to stay. Many people of the older generations remember the days where they could raise the hood on a 1950 Chevrolet sedan and see the engine, now they only see plastic and wires. I will agree to this on a lot of vehicles, but if these cars were allowed to continue at that pace, the air would be so polluted we would not be able to survive. This is where computers came to be implemented into vehicles. Today's computerized engine management systems create a cleaner burning, more fuel efficient,and higher horsepower engines that are very reliable and easy to maintain. Are they expensive? Maybe, but think back to when vehicles were lucky to make it to 100,000 miles, or when odometers only capable of reading to only 99,999 miles, I have seen many vehicles with well over 500,000 miles!

Todays automotive repair facilities must keep up with the ever changing technologies that are required to meet strict government pollution standards that change every year! This is where I hope to earn your trust by keeping up with the new tools and training that are not only needed to just perform regular maintenance but also to repair problems that arise out of component failure

We at MIKE'S AUTO AND TRUCK SERVICE LLC will bring your car back to its peak operating condition with your wallet in mind! WE DO NOT REPLACE PARTS THAT ARE NOT NEEDED, PERIOD! All parts are kept so you can see for yourself what was replaced and we will explain to you why it was replaced.  We also do not try to upsale parts to help pay our bills, any parts that are worn out or have reached the end of there service life are shown to you and advised of the consequences, if any, if they are not replaced. Then YOU can tell us if you wish to replace these parts, no pressure PERIOD! There will be no shocking bill when you come to pickup your vehicle. We are dedicated to providing superior value in all parts installed and services performed.  Quality and our desire for excellence are at the heart of this commitment. We use advanced technology and quality products to create a positive car care experience that hopefully, will make you want to return without any hesitation, Many drivers have trusted MIKE'S AUTO & TRUCK SERVICE LLC to keep their vehicles running like new.

Mike and his service technicians take pride in understanding cars and they understand the people who drive them. We back up our services and repairs with a warranty that is oriented to the needs and expectations of our customers.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with customers, to provide the best customer service and the most appropriate solutions for your auto care needs. In addition, we always try to answer your questions and explain our work to you so you feel comfortable every step of the way, and as always if you are not happy tell us, and if you are happy, TELL A FRIEND!